July 20, 2019

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“Not how the world is, but that it is, is the mystery.”
Ludwig Wittgenstein

-facebook.jpg” alt=”Bloomathon – Interactive Hybrid Documentary Pondering The Imponderable with Howard Bloom April 15, 6pm to 10pm EST right here or Youtube.com/geogeller or facebook.com stay tuned for more details” />

with Howard Bloom & Geo Geller
APRIL 15 / 6pm to 10pm EST
Live Hybrid Interactive Documentary Film & Book Launch
Pondering the Imponderable
with Howard “Omknowledgist” Bloom by geo geller
celebrating the April 15th publication Howard Blooms new book
Einstein, Michael Jackson & Me:
A Search for Soul in the Power Pits of Rock & Roll
by Howard Bloom / HowardBloom.net


geo geller

We Are In This Together

Howard Bloom on Truth, Music of Cosmos, Community
excerpt Pondering Imponderable with Howard Bloom


RandomPlace.com was established in 1996 when the browsing web was learning to walk and i was interested in exploring Randomness as a state of experiencing life on life’s terms after many iterations & in-can-tations I have re-resurrected RandomPlace.com as a response to CoronaVirus quarantine / also, as a Social Sculpture, a place to experience & explore virtual life / fyi i will be screening my hybrid real people documentaries with some of the subjects and my unreal people Myth-Conceptions aka Myth-U-Mentaries and some of my Exper-I-Mental AvantGard music experiments among all sorts of things and surprises including guest curators and beyond all on a random basis so you can reach me personally at geo@RandomPlace.com sign up for our mailing list at random@randomplace.com put RandomPlace mailing list in the subject line / also screening will be streamed here and on YouTube.com/geogeller & FaceBook.com/geogeller

Please Check back for update on our latest random adventures and April 15, 6pm to 10pm EST Live Hybrid interactive documentary into the world of Pondering the Imponderable with Howard “Omknowledgist” Bloom film and book launch Einstein, Michael Jackson & Me: a Search for Soul in the Power Pits of Rock & Roll by Howard Bloom

Einstein, Michael Jackson & Me by Howard Bloom Launching April 15, 2020


NOTE: for press inquiries about Howard Bloom & his book Einstein, Michael Jackson & Me: a Search for Soul in the Power Pits of Rock & Roll please contact his assistant Farah Jacques, farah@howardbloom.net  or Joshua Plant joshua@susanblondgroupinc.com / or go to his website HowardBloom.net


stay tuned and get on our mailing list for list@randomplace.com and on twitter.com/geogeller

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